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The future of tournaments starts with Oomba. It’s social. It’s powerful. It’s coming soon.


Find players near you for the sports you care about.


We power competitive eSports tournaments unlike ever before.


From Unrivaled 2018 to casual play, we cover all tabletop.

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Social Sports

From soccer to Settlers of Catan, find who to play at your skill level. Discover tournaments you’ll go crazy for, and live stream it all. With Oomba Apps, you can follow events, news, and players you care about. You’ll compete better than ever.

The Future of Gaming

We get players to keep coming back to compete in your tournaments, improve your payouts, and increase your audience engagement. Fair eSports competition for your venue is now possible.

Manage Everything

From simple brackets to complex, multi-player swiss tournaments, run any competition with ease. Tell players where to go, and they register effortlessly. You can run any tournament for any sport at any venue on Oomba.

Oomba Inc.

We create an interactive social network for tournaments, leagues and teams and revolutionize how people organize sports and games. It’s software as a service meets social media. Get invited today.